Join the Power Shift team!

There is a small but great team behind the planning of this years Power Shift. Although we have great help from our extended network through PUSH Sverige, there is always room for some more helping hands!

We are having a team-meeting every other week on Skype, so you can attend whereever you are. The communication is mainly through E-mail, Facebook, Skype and texts and our documents are shared through Google Drive and Dropbox. There are different focus areas:

  • Program – discuss the content of the program and keep in contact with our speakers
  • Communication – update social media, write press releases and invite participants
  • Logistics – prepare the food, the venue and take care of practical details
  • Funding – apply for funding and have contact with our partners

Power Shift Sweden is organised by a group of youth who believe in a sustaiable future and who wants to empower other youth to make change happen. You are very welcome to contact if you want to help us create an event for young people to meet, share ideas and learn from each other!